Working Together

We want our clients to understand our process before hiring an attorney to assist them with their legal matters. Here is a brief overview of what to expect when working with Abkin Law PLC.


The first step in hiring is an initial consultation. Whether in person or by telephone, we will make every effort to understand what problems have brought you to us. We will discuss your reasons for seeking our services, how we can help you achieve a favorable outcome and address any concerns you have.

Fees and Costs

Because the needs of each client are different, the initial consultation is very important in determining the fee structure for your matter. At the conclusion of the constultation we will be able to provide you with a sense of the scope of our fees and costs for your matter.

In some tax collection matters we can offer flat-fee billing for our specified services. For other matters, we will bill at an hourly rate. If you engage us to represent you, whether on a flat-fee basis or and hourly billing arrangement, we will ask for a retainer before we provide services. We will then bill you at regular intervals while our work proceeds.

Tax Collection Matters

If you owe back income or payroll taxes, we can communicate with the tax agencies on your behalf and prepare and submit an Offer in Compromise or a request for an Installment Payment Plan, together with the necessary supporting documents. In some cases, a client’s active participation in gathering and organizing their current financial information to be provided to the tax agency can help manage fees. We know this is particularly important in collection matters where client resources may be constrained.

Audits, Tax Appeals and Litigation

If you are being audited by a tax agency, we will give you accurate information about tax procedures and your rights. We will also give you our honest assessment of your position throughout the process. Our first choice is to achieve a fair resolution by negotiating with the tax authorities. However, it may be necessary to fight to obtain the correct result. We are sensitive to the high costs that other firms require for litigation services. We understand that the costs to our clients of obtaining a favorable result must not exceed the benefit of that result.

Whether we represent you in administrative hearings with the IRS and/or Franchise Tax Board, or in court proceedings, it is important for you to understand that the process can take longer than any of us desire. Although we attempt to negotiate a favorable resolution at each stage of proceedings, we stand beside you and fight for your interests at all times.

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